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Free roof inspection 

Faver Roofing will inspect your roof and  inform you whether your roof could use replacement – and  whether your insurance will pay for the bulk of the job. Enter your contact in our contact us section to schedule a free certification today!

Even  if your roof is in good shape, we’ll provide you with a certificate of  inspection to protect you in the case of future claims. It’s win– win!

• We focus on  increased customer satisfaction and education

• We provide you with insurance  claims assistance for the entire roofing process.

• We strive to be environmentally friendly in all our practices, including  recycling your old shingles.

• We leave our job sites clean and tidy,  guaranteed! 

The inspection is free, with no obligation. Just ask our  customers:

​"It was beautiful, as if no one had even been there except we now have a beautiful new roof"......Charlie, Fountain, Colorado"

Whether  you’re upgrading the look of your roof, repairing hail or other damage, or  increasing your energy efficiency, Faver Roofing, LLC is the roofing specialist for you. We’ll back the job up with a 5 year Labor and workmanship warranty.

Roofing - T-lock Shingles
T-lock shingles have been discontinued since about 2004. These shingles were good for their time but can not compare to the 30 year architectual shingles that we install today. Building codes in El Paso county call for 4 nails to be used per shingle for proper installation.  We install 6 nails per shingle to insure manufacturers installation guidelines are met to obtain maximum wind rating.  
Some insurance companies have begun to make adjustments to their policies. If you try to take out a new policy on a house with T-locks installed, some companies will not insure the home. If you are selling your home and it has T-lock shingles, you may be required from the prospective buyer to re-roof  before closing. 

Some companies are sending  out letters to owners of houses with T-lock  shingles stating their deductibles are now being raised. Other home owners have received letters stating that their roofs will be depreciated upon replacement . This situation would result in an out of pocket expense by you the homeowner.

 In short, insurance companies are beginning to push the financial responsibility onto home owners because they know that it’s only a matter of  time until full replacement of your T-lock roof will be required to maintain insurability.

 Have the roofing experts at Faver Roofing, LLC evaluate your T-lock roof today.  Get an estimate or set an appointment for consultation.